A/B testing – Saying goodbye to “guesswork”

The shift that technology has created in the business world has made the incremental change in leaders’ perspective: decisions will not be made if there is a lack of data. Lost are the times that one’s instinct was the main indicator of decision-making.

The modern days rely on information and statistics, and when the need be for actionable insights for your site, A/B testing should be one of the main answers.

A/B testing, at its most basic, is the action of comparing two web page versions to come to the conclusion of which one is better. The comparison between these two different versions shows from which one you can get the most out of the existing audience.

It can surely be said that a developer without modern A/B testing tools is a mirror image of marketers still living in the “Mad Men” era. So, learning how to run effective A/B testing is crucial not just for a tech company, but any company present on the web.

Given the circumstances, companies can now opt for several A/B testing tools that are available in the market. That’s why we’ve made sure to send you through some of the tools that simplify the process of deciding among your choices. In the list below we’ve covered A/B analytics tools that we at Sogody use in our everyday work with major brands, whether they are launching a new product or a marketing campaign.

Choosing the Right A/B Testing Software For Your Business

It indeed remains a big question on how to choose the right A/B testing software and one thing we should keep in mind is that there’s no perfect tool for everyone. Different tools offer different outputs so a nice reading to become familiar with these platform would be of great benefit before deciding.

1. Google Optimize (Part of Google Analytics)

Google Optimize is one of the most known web analytics service and most importantly is a tool that’s readily available to every website owner. Beyond all, Google Optimize has an easy to use interface which makes the experience of running an A/B or split test easy. This and the fact that most of its features come without a fee, has made Google Optimize a standard tool for any site owner.

It goes without saying that if you haven’t yet used this software, the process of getting used to the features it offers might take time but it’s worth it.

2. Adobe Target (Part of Adobe Analytics)

Having different conversion testing tools on the market has made it possible for everyone to create a “plan B” in case Google Optimize is just not what you’re looking for. Another A/B testing platform that comes as a standard is Adobe Target.

The platform itself can be purchased optionally and offers some of the best practices and opportunities for your own tests to be customized and refined.

3. Optimizely

An affordable and simple, yet powerful A/B testing program is also Optimizely with an appealing web interface. Through the years, Optimizely has expanded its features offering the opportunity to test mobile websites and iOS or Android apps.

At the root of it, this experimentation platform allows to target experiment variations based on different features that one might find useful.

4. Qubit

Another testing platform focused in validating customer understanding and segment choices is Qubit. The software offers highly advanced set of A/B testing features that make it possible to understand what impact your personalizations are having on your site and then create experiences that can change visitor behavior.

If you are a small e-commerce site in need to employ software that will ease the process of achieving full potential, Qubit would be a great choice due to them giving their clients access to abandonment recovery, product recommendations, and social proof tools.

5. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

The multitude of benefits from A/B testing can easily be achieved through utilizing VWO, which is a software quite familiar with Optimizely. But there are slight changes between the two that make the difference. While Optimizely has a dedicated mobile testing tool for which clients are charged for, VWO allows to track visitor click behavior and tracking habits, which is a service offered for free.

The choice just got simple, right?

Not necessarily. You might still be drowning in different choices but at least you’re a step closer and you’re about to start the process that will help get conversions and increase your return of investment. Employing one of these A/B testing software is the simplest way to be able to identify what needs to change or stay the same in your website and help you get the best results.

So don’t you keep waiting, let’s get started!