Google Analytics: How to turn digital insights into customer value

Living in a time where businesses revolve around customers and their online experience, utilizing website analytics has become an ultimate necessity. With the information that such tools provide, companies can base strategies on data and use it to their advantage.

Why Google Analytics?

One of the most widespread tools used nowadays is Google Analytics, which is a collection of the best analytics features in a Web Analytics service that is easy to use and provides many visualization options. With GA you can monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, user experience, and device functionality.

Here are some crucial benefits:

  • Understand your audience demographics. With GA you can reveal various types of your customer demographics such as their age, gender, interests, the device they used to enter the site as well as their physical location. This helps you understand your customer base and build targeted strategies.


  • Understand why visitors are leaving your website. Bounce Rate means that after visiting a particular page, visitors leave your website. This might imply that they did not find what they were looking for. With GA you can find the pages with the highest bounce rate and identify what is causing the drop rate.
  • Understand how visitors found your website. GA separates your visitors in channels depending on where your visitors are virtually coming from. This metric shows whether your visitor traffic was initiated from a google search, a social media post or ad, or other types of referrals. Thus, you find the source that is bringing less visitors and work on a strategy to increase the values.



  • Check if you are achieving your goals. Other than measuring the traffic that comes to your website, with GA you can also track whether the users are converting, thus achieving your specified goals. This can vary according to your goal such as filling in a form, subscribing, making a purchase or downloading a file.

Besides the default options, Google Analytics allows you to create customized reports. This means that you can create reports tailored to your company needs and insert the metrics that you need to monitor. You can build this report through a drag and drop interface and the metrics that you choose will be displayed in the layout that you created.

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