How to get from data to insights – “Data in practice” guide

In the Information Age, data are known as individual units of information that one might use to collect distinct pieces of stats. As of today, data can be translated into information, which is subsequently turned into knowledge, that when used properly can easily build one’s success. Given this crucial importance of data, companies with a traditional approach had teams within the company to interpret the data for their organization.

But, in a digitized world that is filled with extremely large data sets, how can companies be capable of going from data to insights without implementing platforms that are able to make data shareable?

How can companies benefit from breaking barriers and using modern technologies?

The steps that one might take differ based on how the company culture accepts change. In this aspect, the first step to follow is finding a specific tool that makes data manageable from a single place. Finding that link that connects data with technology is the essence of being able to benefit from insights. This process of combined sources create the core of MarTech, in which Sogody as a company specializes.

Having had the opportunity to employ projects in the field of customer experience, Sogody follows processes that one might find useful and utilize as a guide to transform data into insights.

1. The Development Process

The first process we undertake is the process of understanding our clients’ goals in order to go in depth with the design and development steps. The development process before starting to collect data is crucial due to the user experience design being the main indicator of creating the opportunity to learn about customer behaviors, habits and tendencies. What we make sure is to develop websites by only using frameworks that rely on premier, modern and most worthy technologies.

2. Data Integration 

When an efficient website is developed, the next step we follow is combining data from different sub-pages of the site into a single, unified view. The process of data integration requires the use of a web analytics platform to ease the process of data analysis. The broad selection of modern technologies available to utilize in the market is a tour of exploration filled with platforms with abundant features. Besides choosing among the technology we want to use, the main objective will be to guide clients towards knowing their audience. At the end of the day, we only succeed once YOU have achieved your business goals!


3. Insights Dashboard 

The last step is the step of converting data into insights that everyone can act on. We are able to do that by bringing it all under one roof through dashboards that speak behaviour, patterns and funnels. These reports encompass scraps of information that give a possible answer to each conversion and customer action in the site. We focus on creating dashboards with insights that answer why a customer is visiting your page, why are they navigating the specific pages, which are the traffic sources, which content if effective and most importantly how one interaction will impact all the rest. Once this is achieved we give you the chance to act upon hidden opportunities that most of the time result in greater return on investment.

Insights do not let important business information disappear right before your eyes and will help you win future business.