Sogody at the largest European tech and entrepreneurship events in Netherlands

In May and June of this year, we had the pleasure to partake in the two most anticipated tech and…

Google Analytics: How to turn digital insights into customer value

Living in a time where businesses revolve around customers and their online experience, utilizing…

React Native, a framework for the future of Mobile App Development

If you’re looking to build a mobile app, you’ll be debating which technology you should choose.…

Maneuver through the vagueness of customer journey

Customer-experience maps outline the how clients interact with online touch-points and give you a…

Reminiscing about a unique experience

The amount of care and mentoring that I got on those days made me believe that I am an important…

A/B testing – Saying goodbye to “guesswork”

"The shift that technology has created in the business world has made the incremental change in…



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