Google Analytics: How to turn digital insights into customer value

Living in a time where businesses revolve around customers and their online experience, utilizing…

React Native, a framework for the future of Mobile App Development

If you’re looking to build a mobile app, you’ll be debating which technology you should choose.…

Maneuver through the vagueness of customer journey

Customer-experience maps outline the how clients interact with online touch-points and give you a…

Reminiscing about a unique experience

The amount of care and mentoring that I got on those days made me believe that I am an important…

A/B testing – Saying goodbye to “guesswork”

"The shift that technology has created in the business world has made the incremental change in…

Figure 1

U.S. — The Tycoon’s Experience

“It is said that ‘Experience is the best teacher’. However, this experience doesn’t necessarily…



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