KIA & Samsung drive growth through tailored personalization

This project was done collaboratively in close hand with the personalization team at Havas. Through our joint collaboration, we delivered CRO solutions to a number of end-clients like Basware, Harrold & Barrett, Kia and Samsung.

In a 2.5 year span, the personalization team delivered more than 150 digital experiences and tests, as an A/B/Multivariate testing composition to these brands and has driven growth as a result of it. In particular, the accounts of KIA & Samsung have seen fundamental growth in their accounts where they continuously invested in delivering multivariate tests to their target audiences across EMEA.

In the following we have listed two experiments which improved the customer journeys for Kia & Samsung.

Experiment 1: KIA New Sportage model comparison upgrade

KIA UK had a particular challenge where they could not get web visitors of their KIA New Sportage model decide on the many different variations of the model which were being offered. They had a particular challenge where the New Sportage models were being shown behind a section with tabs, which required the user to view all tabs in order to get an overview of what was being offered.

As part of our journey solution fix, we designed and developed a new section for the New Sportage page, where in the new layout we listed all of the models in one listing, with the ability to compare up to three models in the full specification page. This improved the way a web visitor could compare the models in just a few clicks and in one seating.

KIA New Sportage Old Version
KIA New Sportage New Version - Variant 1

Experiment 2: Getting people in Scandinavia to visit flagship Samsung stores

Samsung had the particular challenge to get more people in the Scandianvian market to visit their flagship stores and other retailers that were providing Samsung products. Their thesis was to cross sell Samsung products by getting the website visitors targeted by the latest smartphone Galaxy S9 launch marketing campaign to visit the physical stores.

The problem was to provide accurate directions to the nearest stores based on a visitor’s current location and to serve them with personalized messaging that would entice the action, especially considering the linguistic (copy) differences between markets in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The solution we provided for the implementation of this feature, was by utilizing Adobe Target’s geotargeting functionality. When checked their statistical information, they claimed 85-90% accuracy in Scandinavia. Thus, we complimented that with HTML5 Geolocation API to increase the directions accuracy to 99%. We also removed the owners of Galaxy S8 from the targeting, since the likelihood of them going back to purchase the new Galaxy S9 was low.

Solution Diagram
Realization - Variant 1

What is the DDM Extended Team Model?

Extended Team Model (ETM) is defined as a customized offshore outsourcing model aimed at building an extended arm of a client by having access to software/web development resources of a vendor, usually located offshore, by forming a partnership. However, with the ingrown expertise in Data-Driven Marketing, Sogody has become one of the leading DDM ETM companies in the region. We provide a full-scope of solutions for web analytics automation and personalized experiences for end-clients.

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