Optimisation for SAMSUNG QLED TV’s

Cheil and Data-Driven Marketing

Cheil is a brand-building company specializing in data-driven content creation and full-stack digital transformation, that delivers services to a clientele of globally known brands. Notably, one of their largest client is Samsung Group, their founding company. As such, Cheil is in charge of the Martech Solutions and the Experience Optimisation Framework created for Samsung. This process is divided in many steps, from discovering opportunities to implementing them. For the latter part of the process, Sogody is heavily involved in developing experiences for each audience group and delivering them to the client.

A/B Testing: The case of QLED

For clearer visualization of the workflow process, one example of a common experiment which was implemented for all european markets will be analyzed. The gap identified stated that when users visit a type of the QLED TV in the Samsung page and later proceed to other pages of the site, they tend to forget what they initially saw. Thus, the aim of this experiment was to analyze the visitor’s behavior in order to determine a prospect’s affinity with a TV category.

Accordingly, Sogody’s team implemented an A/B Test in Adobe Target that would remember any visitor that viewed a QLED TV and when that user returns to the site at a later date, the particular TV that they had previously viewed will be presented as the main visual in the homepage. Hence, the objective of the experiment was to increase the homepage click-through rates and boost QLED TV orders.



The business impact of experience optimisation

The QLED experiments ran for awhile on the homepages of the majority of the Samsung european markets. By the end of the year, results gathered from each market were extremely satisfying. The outcomes in Italy and United Kingdom indicated that there had been an increase in orders by 8% and 15%, respectively. Similarly, regarding click-through rates, results in Germany showed an increase by 18% and in Poland by 8%. Overall, during 2018, hundreds of experiments were developed, the vast majority of which resulted in increase of orders and other KPIs.

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