Reminiscing about a unique experience

The beginning of my experience

After my graduation I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I should expect when I join a company. I grew up with the idea that beginnings are supposed to always be difficult and that you have to deal with problems that arise in the workplace alone. I was lucky enough to experience the total opposite of that.

The first few days (but, really, almost every other day) at Sogody were a great pleasure. The amount of care and mentoring that I got on those days made me believe that I am an important part of this company, that my opinion matters and that I will get the respect I deserve as an employee.

Working at Sogody

The working process at Sogody was very well organized. We had weekly meetings, and more frequent as needed, where we discussed what the plan for the week is or any other issue that was going on with the projects we were currently working on. On top of this, we occasionally had meetings with all the people on our company to see the big picture and where each of our work fits in on that picture. The best aspect of these meetings was that everyone had the freedom to ask questions, as well as give ideas on possible improvements on our process.

Moreover, a part of my job that I really enjoyed as a recent graduate was that I had the opportunity to work directly with major clients that we had. This showed me that this company trusted me, and also that we had a very friendly relationship with our clients.

Post-Sogody: Graduate School in the US

The knowledge that I got, the friendships that I built, and the great collaboration that we had were convincing enough for me to keep staying at this company. However, I took the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies in the United States. Now that I reflect on my experience at Sogody, I see that there are a lot of skills that I gained there and are serving me well in my studies.

Besides my programming skills, having the experience with management tools, such as Trello, is very beneficial for me now. Additionally, I use Slack for communication in some of my classes too. However, what I really appreciate in particular is the use of English on a daily basis at a professional level, which improved my communication skills significantly.

I am very grateful for the lasting friendships that I’ve built and the skills that I’ve gained on this remarkable experience at Sogody. I look forward to the opportunities of working together again.