Simplify Tenders platform development

Simplify Tenders sees their SaaS platform come to life!

Aiming to become an industry-leading platform, Simplify Tenders offers businesses the chance to access 

thousands of European tenders daily. The company wanted to develop a software as a service (SaaS) platform to filter and provide relevant tender information to companies using an easy-to-use interface. 

To be able to provide customer with an all-in-one tender platform, Simplify Tenders turned to Sogody. The work that followed was carefully crafted to match the company’s goal and be able to offer clients features that would ease their procurement search process. 

Customer-centric development with Sogody

Sogody’s team engaged on developing Simplify Tenders thorough analysis of the specific requests of Simply Tenders, which underwent our Problem Solution Diagram. Our focus was to achieve a functioning methodology for the clients, where the highlighted idea behind the application would be to -

  1. simple access to tender information scrapped from sources all over Europe,
  2. interface designed for long hours of research and reading.

By using Python and React as core technologies, Sogody together with Simplify Tenders were able to Develop an Interactive Platform that is functional, accessible to users from cross industries, which uses algorithms to make the client journey better.

“We approached Sogody with the idea to re-design and develop the interface of our web application along with the website. They ended up not only upgrading our app and web presence, but also enhancing our whole digital customer experience strategy - and adding excellent features in the platform.”

Granit Limani, CEO at Simplify Tenders.

As part of our Optimization & Personalization Strategy, the platform was enhanced by the addition of new features such as - detailed filtering of the requirements for tender listings according to their industry of interest, optimization and sharing of relevant tenders, following and alerts for tenders of interest, and collaborating of the tender management teams within the platform by allowing to add comments, remember notes and uploading documents.


Platform pays off with data-driven optimization and efficiency

After the development, the platform that offers exclusive access to tender insights from all over Europe got boosted with our Customer Experience (CX) Insights program where we engaged an analytics suite to help with the conversion strategy and continue transforming the platform further during the upcoming launching phase.

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