Sogody as a DDM extended team for Havas Media

From 2017, Sogody has been engaged as an extension team for tech consultancy on most Havas’s data-driven marketing (DDM) projects.

Together with Havas and its family tree brands DBi and Ecselis, we have delivered data-driven solutions to global brands such as Net-a-Porter, KIA, Jessops, Samsung, Red Driving School and others.

These solutions included developing digital experiences (coding for web), analytics implementation, a/b testing development, ux/ui designing, data lake solution, data visualization and deriving data reports.

"Havas Media London - MCM Architecture Ltd." photo by David Churchill

In the following, we have listed excerpts of our most interesting work in collaboration with the team at Havas:

Personalization for KIA, Basware and Samsung


We worked closely with the personalization team at Havas to deliver CRO solutions to a number of end-clients which included KIA, Basware and Samsung. As part of it, we developed more than 150 digital experiences and tests, which were used in A/B/Multivariate testing compositions and launched on the respective live websites. Through these experiences, we managed to drive conversions through continuous experimentation and address the entire user experience through transformational design.

View case study here

Net-a-Porter web analytics implementation, supervision & QA

    As part of our work, we were responsible to support the web analytics in implementation and quality for the Net-a-Porter brand sites, namely the and across the global regions. This included tracking the newly added features and code pushes of the development team at Net-a-Porter, supporting in their development, addressing the quality of implementation, and reporting if tags were firing data accordingly for analytics. View case study here

Custom data lake solution for Havas


We developed a custom data lake solution for the analytics team in Havas, using Python, Apache, Airflow (Google Cloud Composer), which ingests data from several advertising and social third parties such as DMP’s, Google DoubleClick for Advertising, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other data providers.

View case study here

What is Havas Media?

Part of Havas Group, Havas Media operates in over 140 countries and services its clients through a portfolio of specialist teams that span media, strategy, digital, data consulting, programmatic buying, performance marketing, mobile, out of home and geolocal, social media, experiential, entertainment and sport.


In a tech landscape that changes continually,  Havas Media has been able to enhance brands through the combined use of data, technology and content.

What is the DDM Extended Team Model?

Extended Team Model (ETM) is defined as a customized offshore outsourcing model aimed at building an extended arm of a client by having access to software/web development resources of a vendor, usually located offshore, by forming a partnership. However, with the ingrown expertise in Data-Driven Marketing, Sogody has become one of the leading DDM ETM companies in the region. We provide a full-scope of solutions for web analytics automation and personalized experiences for end-clients. Let's talk data-driven marketing models. Click here for the contact form.