What can our team of AI experts offer?

Introducing AldAstra, Sogody's cutting-edge AI/ML service hub, crafted to cater to the diverse AI needs of businesses of all scales.


Powerful GPT-4 Apps and Integrations

Experience a new era of linguistic possibilities with GPT-4 and witness the transformative impact it can have on your projects and ventures.

Research-backed Cutting Edge Technology.

We go beyond the cutting edge of what's possible with AI. While others follow, we pioneer. Our secret? A bold vision and rapid execution.


Web Integration of LLMs and Search Systems

Proficiency in integrating large language models and semantic search systems into web-based applications using various APIs.


NLP and Machine Learning

Skilled in training and implementing large language models like GPT-4 using TensorFlow or PyTorch. Capable of handling natural language processing techniques and vector space models for semantic search.


Semantic Search and Vector Databases

Experienced in building vector databases for semantic search using technologies like Elasticsearch or Faiss, and integrating them into applications.

Ald Astra offers products and technical innovations that are unique, inspired by our extensive expertise and reliable operations.

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