In today’s marketplace, brands of all types and sizes are competing for the same customer. However, it is not just about offering the lowest price or best product anymore — it is about providing a superior Customer Experience (CX).

CX is a growing focus across industries. As increasing consumer expectations continues to drive business, brands that provide an excellent customer experience have better sales and brand loyalty.

Digital CX Audit – a competitive differentiator

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of customers’ perceptions and feelings resulting from all the interactions a customer has with a brand’s products and services.

Even the most well-intentioned brands often rely on opinions and guesswork to identify customer pain points. This subjective data is misleading and outdated and the lack of hard data can lead to continually bad customer service. Building a solid customer experience strategy requires careful consideration of data from multiple sources. A CX Audit is how brands should gather data to determine their CX.

Auditing digital CX with an integrated data collection and analysis tool will help brands pinpoint the root cause of customer complaints, address their pain points, and reduce friction in the customer journey by combining data from multiple sources. Regular digital UX audits will help brands increase conversion, achieve higher user retention, and better their business performance.

Customer Experience Audit is designed to help brands understand the business impact of their digital experience. It will provide actionable, measurable, and valuable information to the brand. Brands will be able to see all aspects of their customer experience in a holistic and impartial way. The audit will help brands to:

  • Uncover usability issues - Better understand customer needs and find out where & why the product fails to meet them;

  • Higher conversion - Discover what prevents the users from converting into customers;

  • Valuable insights - Audits can help us gain valuable insights about the usability of the product;

  • Improve site performance - Identify areas for immediate improvement and find ways to optimize the site for a faster user experience;

  • Build a competitive CX - Use findings to build new mid and long-term CX strategies;

  • Increase user satisfaction - Happy users are the best kind. Great UX builds customer trust and helps the product win;

  • Improve retention rate - By improving the experience on the site we also improve user retention and increase profit and revenue.

Sogody’s digital CX Audit

In each audit, we ensure our client’s brand stays ahead of the curve.

Our comprehensive customer experience audit provides in-depth information on customer values, allowing brands to fine-tune their performance and preventing them from taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Sogody helps brands to improve their service quality by advancing their customer experience and enhancing their CX rating. Our approach to digital CX Auditing is based on proven methodologies:

  • Formally documenting customer lifecycle;

  • Looking at the brand’s current tech;

  • Reviewing the brand’s clickstream analytics;

  • Gauging the influence of each touchpoint on the customer experience;

  • Cross-referencing customer satisfaction ratings with customer value ratings;

  • Analyzing;

  • Creating a recommendations report.

As we move through our audit strategy, each phase gives us an opportunity to gather customer insights, benchmark our client’s brand against market leaders, identify areas of improvement, and highlight where the brand is succeeding. With an objective, framework, and a high-level understanding of what our client’s customers are looking for, we can provide them with a better user experience.

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