From humble beginnings to a larger team, we have learned a lot about how to be great at what we do.

At Sogody we take an objective-first approach to our projects, using technology as a mean to solving a problem rather than pushing just another tool online. In developing effective and modern digital applications, we account for the problems that our clients seek to overcome, as well as the goals they want to achieve. Our emphasis on forming partnerships with our clients is the cornerstone of the longstanding relationships that we have enjoyed over the years.

Sogody was founded in 2017 by two colleagues, Lorik and Tomor, on the premise of creating an ever-challenging and mind-evoking space for young and upcoming digital and computer scientists. With only four people in the office, we made tiny steps in the industry by engaging in web personalization projects for our very first client working in the advertising and marketing space in London, United Kingdom. In early 2018, we expanded our engineering and digital marketers team to offer our niche stack, turning Sogody into a powerhouse for front-end development and digital experimentation. In 2019, we increased our expertise on a variety of digital experience platforms by designing and creating online experiences that transformed our growing list of clients to make data-driven decisions, continued experimentation and constant invention. Even though 2020 was a challenging year globally, we continued our journey to expertise growth, where combining experience designing, e-commerce specialization and insights automation have encapsulated our digital experiences offering to tackle any future opportunities within the industry.

Today, we are working towards a deeper understanding of the future outlook of Sogody, especially with the fact that technology within our field of interest is rapidly upgrading. Post-pandemic, we are anticipating a further boom and need for minds like ours. That is why we have worked on and are to start an internal “build-up program” for upcoming talents.

Now we are counting international brands whom we enjoy working with, some of which have just hit their first million in revenue and others that have more than 100 years of leading industry experience. We would like to thank each of them for having trust in our expertise, our services, and have helped us grow in such a short time.

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who are motivated by a singular goal, to prove that locally produced experiences can have a worldwide appeal. Diellëza Galica, one of the first software engineers in Sogody, shared her experience with us.

“Throughout my years at Sogody, I had the chance to work in a set of highly diverse and very interesting projects. In each project, I picked up new technologies and programming tools which expanded my knowledge and professional expertise.

At Sogody, I started working with P&O projects. It was very exciting to learn how A/B testing and personalisation works, especially when seeing the impact of our work translated into statistics and valuable information. At this time, I was using Adobe Target to create the experiences for user experience testing.

Another very interesting project I was involved in was a recipe management system connected with the products of a local supermarket. As part of this project, I was mainly responsible for the backend part of the project, which we developed using Laravel. Time-to-time, I was also involved in the frontend part of this web application, which we built using Vue JS and Vuex. This project was also created as a mobile application, for which we used React Native and Expo.

All in all, today I wanted to reflect on my experience in Sogody and realised that in such a small space of time I have grown as an individual on a professional and personal level. I appreciate the support from a team full of ambitious people who continue to deliver unique digital experiences.”

But not only for Dielleza’s talent, Sogody would not have had these 4 years of growth without the current colleagues and the alumni, who have genuinely worked to make this place welcoming for everyone. As we celebrate our anniversary, we want to take a minute to thank them for their hard work and dedication. The fifth anniversary is coming, and everyone is looking forward to the future, with dedication to quality.

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