Stories not worth telling are simply left untold.

The best stories are about people and the emotional connection that a brand can make with its audience. At Sogody, we work with brands to create the best and most comprehensive Digital Customer Experiences (DCX) in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is a successful customer acquisition campaign.

Our team helps brands reach their target audience through a logical, seamless digital experience with the right content strategy to create a memorable experience that resonates with customers.

Sogody’s expertise in DCX helps brands build websites and apps that tell a different story, providing an opportunity to break through the clutter and connect with potential customers like never before, thus starting meaningful conversations.

Managing the Digital Customer Experience to trigger conversations

Digital Customer Experience (DCX) is the sum of digital interactions between a customer and a brand and the resulting impression that a customer walks away with. Knowing its impact on improving the visitor’s experience, growing loyalty, and repeating business, how can a brand identify DCX opportunities? How do they build a fantastic customer experience?

Let us tell you our approach.

A great DCX isn’t just about building a website or an app that everyone loves. Rather, it’s about knowing what to build and how to keep the conversation going; a well-planned digital experience that generates revenue.

By using Digital Experience Optimization (DXO), we create a process of:

  • Understanding customers;

  • Analyzing the internal marketing strategy;

  • A/B testing the customer journey;

  • Experimenting, testing, and repeatedly iterating.

Based on this process of identifying needs, testing goods or services against those needs, and evaluating the results with a 360 feedback score, we can determine a winner and then implement those findings into a marketing strategy that turns those insights into business wins.

With this unparalleled understanding of consumers, we help brands gain an advantage over their competitors by being able to implement a strategy that is proven to work. By gaining deeper insight into how customers engage with and perceive a brand through digital channels, we can help them build a more meaningful relationship with their customers.

The end result is a set of informed ideas to build your brand and engage your customers.

Let customers do the talking

Competency rarely drives conversations. No customer will say: “Let me tell you about this perfectly adequate experience I just had.” And you know why? Because that’s not a story worth telling.

At Sogody, we’re not just about “designing to the average”, because people don’t talk about things they expect. 

The desire to find best practices and follow the leader are natural instincts and sound great on paper. In practice, these methods create zero customer conversations.

To create those conversations, brands need to stand out from the competition. The best way to succeed is to design a remarkable customer experience that B2B or B2C customers do not expect. And to make that repeatable. It is a strategy—not a lottery ticket.

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