We are excited to announce that Sogody has achieved the prestigious status of being a Convert Certified Agency Partner.

This partnership will empower us to provide our clients with cutting-edge conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies powered by the Convert Experiences platform. As an experienced digital experiences company, Sogody has conducted extensive tests using Convert Experiences. This has reaffirmed our confidence in the capabilities of the platform.

We are now looking forward to leveraging our partnership with Convert to maximize testing effectiveness and deliver optimized conversion strategies for our clients.

Benefits of choosing Sogody as your Convert Agency Partner

Choosing Sogody as your Convert Certified Agency Partner brings tremendous advantages:

  • Full-Funnel Testing: We conduct in-depth experiments across your entire conversion funnel using Convert Experiences to identify friction points and optimization opportunities.

  • Cross-Channel Expertise: Our team specializes in optimizing conversion rates across web, mobile, email, on-site apps, and more using advanced targeting and personalization features.

  • Faster Testing Cycles: We leverage Convert's visual editor and APIs to run tests faster. Rapid experimentation allows quicker learning and higher optimization impact.

  • Strategic Insights: We provide strategic analysis of test results and customer behavior data to gain actionable insights tied to your business goals.

  • Enhanced Onboarding: Our Convert experts ensure your account, goals, and tests are set up for success from day one through specialized onboarding.

  • Ongoing Support: As your trusted partner, we are available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and ensure you maximize value from the platform.

  • Latest Innovations: As a certified partner, we gain early access to new Convert platform features to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Tailored Plans: We collaborate to create tailored Convert plans based on your budget, targets, and optimization roadmap.

With Sogody as your Convert Certified Agency Partner, you gain a strategic ally focused on accelerating your conversion performance using data-driven optimization. Let's discuss how we can put Convert Experiences to work for your business goals.

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