Being in the web & software solutions business for many years now, agility and adaptation have been the main themes of providing sustainability to our growth.

When we founded the company in 2017, me and my co-founder Tomor, started Sogody with the idea in mind that we would offer generalistic, higher-quality web solutions like UX, development, and analytics + tracker solutions to a selection of customers with a very professional twist.

However, within the first year, we signed a contract with a subsidiary of Havas Media, DBi, which at the time was small but very dedicated to offering Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) solutions in the area of London. This exposed us to many intriguing end-clients, some of which are leading brands in their own markets like KIA, Domino’s Pizza, Sky, and more.

Being web devs ourselves, we found the technical transition rather straightforward. All we had to do was to transfer our front-end coding skills to an A/B testing platform, which acts as an intermediary between our work and the web interface of the end-clients. Even though this sounds relatively easy on paper, it was a new challenge for us, as with every new territory, there are new intricacies that we needed to understand in order to really call ourselves great at the work we were doing.

As we were committed to developing new experimentations, the work opportunities grew. In a short period of time, we found ourselves deepening our understanding of CRO, really becoming competent at platforms like Optimizely, Adobe Target, Google Optimize, and more, and delivering new A/B & Multivariate tests to a broadening set of end-clients.

Tomor, our CTO, helped introduce an experimentation framework for the developers to ease into the structure of experimentation. Last year, we even launched Testful, our own product revolving around experimentation. Testful automates the delivery of multiple experiments in one go, through A/B templates, which require zero development effort to be updated and deployed across any market. Not just Testful, but all of Sogody’s proprietary tech is proof that we, as a unit, have definitely upgraded.

To learn about the program of experimentation and what we do in terms of helping clients reach uplifts in Key Performance Indicators, read our case study for one of our clients, Samsung, written by my colleague Synim Selimi, linked here:

Come to think, this would make Sogody a leading outsourcing company for Martech. However, the bitter truth is that we’re only a portion of what in reality encapsulates the Martech ecosystem, hence limiting our offering in the market.

You can read the continuation of this article, "Sogody’s experience in outsourcing Martech solutions (pt. 2): delving into our outsourcing models", linked here:

Lorik Mullaademi, Executive Lead at Sogody

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