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Introducing the revolutionary CNCT Cooler – a pioneering innovation that marks the world’s first patented design cooler crafted exclusively for Tesla models.

This remarkable creation redefines the concept of cooling solutions with its fusion of premium features and Tesla-inspired aesthetics. Designed to impeccably suit Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y, the CNCT Cooler promises to keep refreshments chilled for up to two days.

Its groundbreaking design, inspired by the visionary Tesla brand, has garnered accolades, making it not just a functional accessory, but a statement piece. Departing from the mundane and inconspicuous coolers of the past, the CNCT Cooler embodies a novel paradigm where functionality meets artistry.

With the aim of extending this ethos to their online presence, CNCT Coolers sought a partner that shared their commitment to innovation and excellence. That’s why they chose Spell & Sell (S&S) to spearhead the design and development of their Shopify store.

The nexus of design and usability

Spell & Sell embarked on a transformative journey with CNCT Coolers, crafting their e-commerce design from the ground up. With meticulous attention to detail, they reimagined every aspect to create an online shopping destination that resonates with CNCT’s Cooler brand essence.

They seamlessly integrated the design into the Shopify framework, ensuring a smooth and intuitive browsing experience for customers.

The UX/UI design was thoughtfully curated to harmonize with the cooler’s aesthetic, amplifying its visual appeal and functionality. By fusing innovative design principles with user-centric navigation, S&S orchestrated an environment where the CNCT Cooler takes center stage, showcased in its finest light.

To enhance the storytelling and convey the effortless usability of CNCT Coolers, Spell & Sell embarked on an innovative journey of motion design. Tailoring the experience to each Tesla Model – S, 3, X, and Y motion graphics were meticulously crafted to establish a dynamic and engaging connection with viewers.

Through fluid animations, these designs artfully illustrated the seamless integration of CNCT Coolers into the trunk spaces of different Tesla models, effortlessly highlighting their compatibility. This visual journey not only showcased the practicality of the cooler but also emphasized the simplicity of its use.

By breathing life into these motion designs, Spell & Sell masterfully added depth to the narrative, painting a vivid picture of how effortlessly the CNCT Cooler becomes an integral part of every Tesla adventure.

The result is not just an e-commerce platform, but a virtual embodiment of the cooler itself – where artistry, innovation, and shopping coverage are in perfect harmony.

Transforming CNCT Cooler’s vision into Shopify reality

After successfully navigating the design phase, the collaboration between CNCT Coolers and Spell & Sell evolved to another milestone. Spell & Sell embarked on developing a fully custom landing page within the Shopify ecosystem, seamlessly integrating HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid to bring the vision to life.

The intensive month-long effort resulted in an e-commerce platform that not only rivaled the excellence of the CNCT Cooler itself but also encapsulated its spirit.

By meticulously implementing these technologies, S&S achieved a user experience that mirrors the seamless functionality and aesthetic brilliance of the product. This bespoke platform ensures that customers not only find the CNCT Cooler with ease but also indulge in a browsing experience as exceptional as the cooler’s design itself.

The synergistic blend of innovation, coding expertise, and dedication culminated in an e-commerce platform that perfectly complements the groundbreaking nature of the CNCT Cooler.

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