KRISPR is a UAE-based Ag-Tech company that was founded with the goal of revolutionizing agriculture by helping transform food production and reversing the nutritional decline, all while being environmentally conscious.

As an eco-warrior and technology innovator, KRISPR is leading the way in transforming agriculture by bringing together the best elements of science and technology to the cultivation of the finest quality food. Their closed-loop water-saving nutrient systems and indoor environmental controls allow them to grow crops within urban centers, even in harsh conditions.

All their produce is pesticide-free, vertically grown, and beyond organic. They deliver to local customers within a few hours of harvesting — providing peak nutrition and optimal freshness all year round.

KRISPR is revisioning the way we think about food, and its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices is leading the way toward a better future for agriculture and our planet.

Creating an engaging e-commerce platform

KRISPR’s mission is to change food commerce — from production to consumption.

In order to bring their mission of transforming agriculture and improving the shopping experience to life, KRISP partnered with Sogody. Our goal was to create an e-commerce platform that not only aligns with KRISP's vision but also provides a seamless and engaging online shopping experience for customers.

With our expertise in e-commerce design and development, we embarked on building a brand-new e-commerce platform on Shopify. While we utilized one of Shopify's templates as a foundation, we thoroughly personalized the user interface and features to accurately represent KRISP's distinct identity and needs.

One of the key features we implemented was a valuable feature known as the subscription system, designed to enhance customer satisfaction and provide them with greater purchasing options. With our subscription service, customers can enjoy the convenience of flexible purchasing options and exclusive discounts.

They have the choice to either make a one-time purchase at a regular price or opt for the subscription plan lasting 1 week, 2 weeks, or a month. By subscribing, customers automatically receive a 15% discount on eligible items. Even for products that are not available for subscription, we have made it easier for customers to save by including a "Subscribe & Save 15%" button on the product page, which directs them to the same item at a discounted price.

To further enhance the shopping experience, we have implemented cart rules for the subscription discount. In order to qualify for the discount, the total value of subscribed products (excluding items that cannot be subscribed to) should amount to at least 30 AED.

If this minimum requirement is not met, a message will appear in the cart, clearly stating "Your minimum total amount for subscribed items must be at least AED 30." This ensures that customers are aware of the conditions for availing the discount. Moreover, customers won't be able to checkout as a pop-up with the same message will prevent them from completing their order.

The subscription feature promotes convenience, cost savings, and long-term customer loyalty, while also ensuring transparency and clarity in the purchasing process.

Additionally, we incorporated a location pin feature and a custom delivery date feature, which allows customers to precisely pinpoint their delivery location and choose their preferred delivery date and time. On the KRISPR website, the Google Maps API has been integrated into the user address section, allowing users to add or edit their addresses.

This flexibility ensures that customers receive their orders when and where it suits them best, with accurate and timely deliveries, minimizing any potential inconveniences and providing a seamless end-to-end experience.

All these account management capabilities were added to the platform to enable customers to easily manage their personal information, order history, and preferences. We have also integrated social logins into KRISPRS system, enabling customers to effortlessly access their accounts through their Google or Apple login details, further streamlining the login process and ensuring a seamless experience. This personalized approach empowers customers to have full control over their shopping experience and fosters a sense of loyalty and trust toward the KRISP brand.

Personalized recipe recommendations

At Sogody, we understand that KRISP’s customers value convenience and enjoy exploring new culinary experiences. To enhance their browsing experience and make it easier to find relevant recipes, we have introduced the "Goes Well With" section on each product page of the website.

While the Recipes header option provides customers with access to a wide range of recipes, we recognized that displaying all recipes together could be overwhelming. To address this issue, we strategically placed the Goes Well With section directly under the Subscribe & Save 15% button on each product page.

The Goes Well With section is specifically designed to showcase all the recipes that incorporate the particular product being viewed. By including this section, we enable customers to quickly and effortlessly discover recipes that use the specific product they are interested in, eliminating the need to sift through a multitude of unrelated options.

This intuitive feature not only saves our customers valuable time but also ensures that they find recipes that truly resonate with their preferences and desired ingredients. Whether they are looking for ideas to showcase a specific product or simply seeking culinary inspiration, the Goes Well With section offers a curated selection of recipes tailored to their needs.

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