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Every Samsung product launch brings to customers its cutting-edge technology and along with that, a high demand from our team to deliver pixel-perfect experiences in a timely and orderly manner. However, our insights, technical expertise, and custom solutions inspired us to follow an innovative approach this time around, which would make meeting this demand easier, faster, and definitely more reliable.

It was pretty clear to us that the Experiment Framework was only a drop in the ocean of reach and possibilities that our ways of working create. The new approach: Testful. Why? Let’s dive in.

Why work harder?

Paradoxically, laziness can become a great motivator. Add experience to laziness and you might get something truly remarkable. Building A/B experiences across various platforms and markets has taught us many lessons, one of the most important being: Good A/B experiences tend to stick around and return all the time. This becomes a repetitive challenge and at times a lot of development effort goes to waste by performing tasks, which just as easily could have been delivered by non-technical people, with a touch of Testful of course. On top of that, it turned out that a touch of Testful would also speed up the delivery and QA time significantly; who knew?!

Committing to building Testfully

Last year, we managed to deliver 77 experiments, in a six-month period, for seven Samsung markets, by using our Experiment Framework. Our Framework was built based on the logic that experiences can be reused for different projects, in different markets and languages, and on different platforms. This enabled our team to focus only on developing what was absolutely necessary and worry less about cross-platform or cross-market compatibility.

But obviously, that was not enough. What if we could deliver 77 experiments in only three days? Spoiler alert, we did not, but we managed to develop 42 across 22 Samsung markets. So, three months of work in only three days. Fair enough!

Testful, testful.co.uk, is our solution for repetitive, customizable, and easily configurable experiences. Instead of building experiences, we build experience templates, which then anyone can configure to their liking. Testful automates the delivery of multiple experiments in one go through A/B templates, which require zero development effort to be updated and deployed across any market.

Meaning, Testful gives everyone the flexibility in customizing their experiment to suit the marketing teams’ unique needs. Our platform helps marketers lead testing projects and run A/B activities without the need to understand the technical aspects of A/B testing. It makes perfect sense that having the ability to configure, QA, and modify tests yourself will spare a ton of communication overhead with developers.

The capability of integrating and deploying these experiences to your optimization provider of choice only expands how much this platform brings to the table.

Believe it or not Testful is stressless. It achieves this by applying a high level of automation to the quality assurance process. We've made it even easier for complete beginners to reap the benefits of A/B testing by combining the four stages of activity deployment into a simplified process:

  • Choose an experience template;

  • Customize the activity;

  • Preview its look and feel on your web application;

  • Deploy.

Testful provides an automated A/B testing solution, which is full of features to make your GUI testing a smooth and easy process. After these steps, Testful features a fully-equipped preview of your newly created experience to preview all updates, in real-time, without the need of any optimization service provider.

Testful UNPACKED 2022

Well-planned A/B tests can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Narrowing down and combining the most effective elements of promotion can create a higher return on investment, lower risk of failure, and above all: a stronger marketing plan. On the occasion of Samsung’s yearly UNPACKED event, their marketing team had 42 new A/B experiences to be deployed across their 22 markets. And of course, a quicker delivery means far quicker returns.

Through Testful, our team was able to deliver all 42 experiences, in three days, making it possible for Samsung to have their A/B experiences up and running early on their pre-order phase. Moreover updating and QA’ing these experiences required only a couple of minutes altogether. As a result, in record time, new and returning visitors will be guided toward their best purchase choices through proven and tailored experiences.

To Testful and Beyond

As a result of successfully utilizing Testful into this Samsung UNPACKED event, our team has set a new precedent on how A/B testing is approached, while simultaneously maximizing their impact. In other words, Testful is to A/B testing, what Tesla is to the automotive industry. Its handpicked features, smooth UX, and fast integration best reflect our many years of accumulated knowledge in building, launching, and maintaining A/B experiences. Additionally, Testful enables this ease of use across any web application, be that brand-specific or not.

Testful has proven, through Samsung’s Rainbow series launch, that there is always a more efficient way to do A/B testing; in this case, a no-code approach, which is faster and not bound by any development time.

It’s clear that delivering impeccable experiences fast and with zero development effort is merely a condensed description of what Testful means. Apart from this UNPACKED event, we’ve noticed Testful’s practices have been gradually impacting our overall development perspectives. But more on that next time.

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