Total sales

24% increase

Average Oder Value

17% increase


Meet D.Louise, the jewelry brand that redefines elegance with a conscience. Their exquisite, lifeproof creations come with a lifetime guarantee against color fading, reflecting their unwavering commitment to quality.

What truly sets D.Louise apart is their unyielding dedication to sustainability. With FSC® certified, recyclable, and plastic-free packaging, they leave no environmental footprint. Partnering with Greenspark, they offset carbon, remove ocean plastic, and plant a tree with every order.

As a brand that stepped into the spotlight in 2021, D.Louise has set its sights on providing more than just durable products; they aspire to deliver a lifeproof experience to their valued customers.

With this vision in mind, in February 2023, they forged a strategic partnership with us to revolutionize their e-commerce platform and enhance the overall user experience.

Crafting a custom theme

Given that D.Louise initially operated as a Shopify store utilizing one of its standard themes, we proposed the idea of crafting a brand-new, custom theme tailored exclusively to their unique identity and requirements. Thus, our team embarked on a mission to revitalize the brand’s image and establish a strong presence that resonates with today’s digital-first audience.

We commenced by crafting a new visual identity that captures the essence of D.Louise, reflecting their commitment to elegance and sustainability. As we delved into the realm of e-commerce, our focus was to create an impeccable Shopify online store that thrives in the digital world, putting the user at the center of our design philosophy.

We developed a new UX/UI, seamlessly blending form and function to deliver an intuitive and frictionless shopper journey. Our new interface highlights the exquisite D.Louise collections and products, captivating visitors and encouraging conversions.

The result is a cutting-edge online store that embodies the essence of D.Louise, empowering customers to explore and embrace the brand’s offerings with unparalleled ease and delight.

User-preferred experience

After creating the bespoke UX/UI changes and implementing the new theme, our next crucial step was to conduct A/B testing to ensure that every modification aligns precisely with D.Louise’s objectives.

We conducted a comprehensive total of 25 A/B tests, and the outcomes were nothing short of astounding. The majority of these tests, particularly those implemented on the product listing page (PLP) and cart, revealed a remarkable 90 to 100% probability of users favoring our new UX design over D.Louise’s previous site interface.

Through meticulous testing and analysis, we sought to validate that these changes would be the ideal catalyst for enhancing their Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) program. Our focus remained firmly on optimizing the user experience, refining the interface, and maximizing the potential for higher conversion rates.

The data-driven insights gathered from the A/B testing, allowed us to fine-tune the elements, ensuring that D.Louise receives what it needed to elevate its online performance and unlock the full potential of its e-commerce platform.

Transformative impact

The fruits of our labor were nothing short of remarkable! Our tailored solutions delivered precisely what D.Louise had envisioned and exceeded expectations. The impact of our work on their conversion rate was truly transformative, with staggering improvements across the board:

  • Total sales saw a substantial boost of 24%, reflecting a significant increase in customer engagement and conversions.

  • The average order value experienced a remarkable surge of 17%, indicating a heightened interest in D.Louise’s offerings and the success of upselling strategies.

  • An impressive 9% rise in “add to carts” demonstrated enhanced user interest and a streamlined shopping experience.

  • Our SEO optimization efforts led to a remarkable 33% surge in sales from search, affirming D.Louise’s improved visibility and discoverability in online searches.

  • Loyalty and customer retention were substantially strengthened, with a 24% increase in returning conversion rates, a testament to the positive impact on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

In essence, our collaborative journey with D.Louise culminated in a resounding success, propelling their business to new heights and reinforcing their position as a leading brand in the competitive jewelry market.

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