Increased revenue (purchase event)


Increased unique visitors

Project details
  • Company name: Cheil

  • Location: London, United Kingdom

  • Website:https://cheil.uk/

  • Main challenge: Shopping cart abandonment efficiency

  • Technology used: Adobe Target

The collaboration between Sogody and Cheil – a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is an example of data-driven experiences in a digital world. Being in charge of the Martech Solutions and the Experience Optimisation Framework created for Samsung, Cheil built the working ground with Sogody upon dividing the personalization and optimization process into several steps, from discovering digital transformation opportunities to implementing them. Our team was instrumental in supporting the technical aspects of testing a hypothesis aimed to optimize user experience for prospective, yet undecided customers of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

The eCom challenge faced

A challenge that a lot of e-commerce websites constantly face is visitors who initiate the online purchase process, such as by adding an item to the basket, yet decide not to go through with it. Samsung faced a similar problem, whereby the number of cart abandoners for this specific product was significantly high, while at the same time their return rate to the website within a couple of days remained pretty significant as well. This return rate points to a high affinity of these visitors with the Samsung brand, something which prompted an analysis of the issues leading to them abandoning the purchase process.

Our team was key in the development of a unique digital experience to address shopping cart abandonment by reminding the customer about the abandoned items in their cart, while at the same time highlighting key unique selling points that might have been missed during the initial journey, and finally complementing this with dynamic and positive reviews of the product, to further support their appeal of the product.

The experimented solution in increasing efficiency

Using Adobe Target, our team developed an A/B test that targeted return visitors that added a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G to the cart but did not go through with the purchase. As visitors returned to the site, they were presented with a personalized banner highlighting the abandoned product details, some unique selling points, and a quick shortcut to complete the purchase.

The main objective of this experiment was to increase the conversion of visitors based on two primary metrics: Revenue (purchase event) and Unique Visits to the cart page. The experiment was rolled out on several Samsung European markets, while by the end of its lifetime, there was a noticeable and noteworthy uplift on both the aforementioned metrics.

The final experience consisted of a modal that would pop-up upon the next return visit of the eligible visitors. From a development standpoint, the modal was unobtrusive, in that it was built as an overlay of the existing page, thus without mandating any access to the backend, and or changes to the components of the page.

The experience was developed in Javascript, using our internal Javascript experimentation framework, and rolled out to markets using Adobe Target, a tool that is part of the Adobe Experience Platform, which enables brands to quickly build and deploy A/B tests on their websites.

Adobe Target fits nicely into the Martech tools ecosystem due to its tight integration with Adobe Analytics, which enables deep insights into the consumer journey, as well as advanced experiment result measurement.

A key challenge in the development of this experience was building the correct audience conditions, which included only returning visitors, that have an abandoned cart, and that have a Galaxy S20 FE model in their abandoned cart.

The aforementioned audiences are sadly not provided out of the box, hence our team had to come up with a solution that would leverage what is available within this ecosystem to achieve this. Ultimately, our technical solution involved usage of Profile Scripts, a powerful feature within Adobe Target for building custom audiences. Profile Scripts are server-side scripts written in Javascript that run upon every visit and store information in the visitor profile within Adobe Target.

We leveraged this mechanism, together with a custom Mbox solution to send data to Target upon the visitor’s visit to the cart page, thereby storing a serialized version of all the relevant cart items in the visitor profile. This then enabled us to target visitors based on the above conditions, while at the same time, personalizing messaging even further by including details such as the exact device model, picture, and price.

Results of experimentation

  • Increased revenue (purchase event) by 52.1% for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G campaign.

  • Increased unique visitors by up to 52.0%.

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