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AdAstra Labs, the same team that brought you Replix, has set its sights on revolutionizing the way we navigate and interact with Twitter. With their unwavering belief that real progress happens at the edge of impossibility, they have embarked on a mission to empower individuals and organizations to achieve more, go further, and ascend to their highest potential.

TweetPeek is a free app extension that utilizes machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help users grow their Twitter followers and provide them with valuable insights about Twitter profiles. By installing TweetPeek, users gain access to an AI-powered personal helper that grows their audience and navigates and interprets the vast universe of Twitter data on their behalf.

SmartFollows. Now the key feature of TweetPeek. It takes the guesswork out of following new profiles with its “SmartFollows” feature. Powered by ML recommendations and filters, SmartFollows suggests Twitter profiles that are highly relevant to its user. Whether it’s based on their preferences, interests, or chosen keywords, TweetPeek finds profiles that are likely to engage and follow back. By following these profiles automatically, the user’s Twitter feed is instantly filled with content they want to see, effortlessly enhancing their overall experience.

It’s important to note that TweetPeek’s SmartFollows feature doesn’t do bulk follows. Instead, it takes a moderated approach, cherry-picking profiles that align with the user’s preferences and granting your full control over the selection process. This ensures a steady organic growth of the follower base over time, with people who are real, write back and you build friendships with.

AI Peek. But TweetPeek doesn’t just help you with your followings. Its AI Peek feature leverages sentiment analysis to provide users with an overview of a Twitter profile’s characteristics. It offers insights into the profile’s category, sentiment of their tweets, engagement likelihood, and other valuable information. With AI Peek, users can make informed follow decisions and discover profiles aligned with their interests and preferences.

To get started with TweetPeek, simply install it as an extension and witness the transformation of your Twitter experience. Basic sentiments can be seen immediately after installation, giving you a sneak peek into the analysis.

As for the advanced SmartFollows feature, the AdAstra team just launched a trial version for beta testers. After the free trial, you will need a license key from

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