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A/B and multivariate testing

Our team of experts creates and runs experiments to compare different versions of touchpoints of your website or product. This involves designing multiple variations and then testing them with real users. We identify the optimal layout, or feature set, that improves business performance.


User-centered experiences design

Our team designs intuitive user experiences, through user research, creating user flows and wireframes. We create user experience that is tailored to your audience, and that helps in increasing engagements and conversions.


Strategy and test hypothesis validation

We develop a plan to achieve your goals and then test hypotheses to identify the most effective approach. This includes defining key performance indicators, setting targets, and designing experiments to provide data-driven insights that can inform your decision-making.


Quality assurance and staged deployment

We conduct manual or automated testing and deployment the product in stages, to ensure that your product is of high quality, and that the deployment process is smooth and risk-free.

User behavior and event tracking

We track user behavior on your website or app, to understand how people use your product. This involves setting up event tracking and then using analytics tools to visualize and analyze the data. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding and to identify areas for improvement that can help increase engagement, conversion, or retention.

Adding data science and technology smarts to marketing and product teams. Making sure that brands always deliver relevant experiences, while also saving time and money.

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Transform your business with data-driven experimentation and optimization

To improve your website's performance, consider implementing a testing strategy throughout your technology stack. This will allow you to collect data and make informed decisions quickly, ultimately improving the user experience. Sogody will create, design, and implement a flexible and scalable A/B and multivariate testing program. By leveraging analytics we can facilitate your efforts to improve key metrics and reach your goals.

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Enhancing Samsung's user experience through testing and analysis

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