We are thrilled to share our experience of being part of the Diaspora Symposium on Computer Science organized by The National Research School in ICT, with the theme “Artificial Intelligence in Kosovo.”

This symposium, held on the 13th of July at the University of Prishtina, was a platform to bring together prominent figures from universities, industry, the local community, and the diaspora to exchange cutting-edge research and best practices in artificial intelligence (AI).

The event featured esteemed speakers who discussed the latest trends in fields such as the Automation Engineering Industry, Machine Learning at scale, and the impact of AI on software engineering.

As a panelist in the final plenary session on “AI and Industry in Kosova”, Sogody’s Head of R&D, Synim Selimi, had the opportunity to share valuable insights and expertise on the applications of AI in various industries.

Synim showcased Sogody’s expertise, as a leading industry player, in optimizing processes, developing advanced AI models, and effectively integrating them into real-world applications. By highlighting the company’s success in leveraging AI to drive innovation and enhance user experiences, Sogody demonstrated its commitment to harnessing the inevitability of the transformative potential of AI.

During the panel discussion, Synim also highlighted two groundbreaking AI-powered tools that the company has developed: Replix and TweetPeek.

The symposium’s panel discussion provided an engaging platform for Sogody to answer questions about its utilization of AI. Our expertise positioned Sogody as a valuable contributor to the symposium, sharing best practices and insights on how a team working with AI and building AI-powered tools operates, how AI makes a team’s work easier, and providing an insightful assessment of the availability of AI talent in Kosovo.

To address these questions Synim shed light on the inner workings of such teams, emphasizing the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration, a strong foundation in data science, and a comprehensive understanding of AI algorithms and technologies. He also highlighted that AI serves as a powerful tool for automating repetitive tasks, streamlining processes, and extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of data.

Synim shed light on the talent pool's strengths, potential areas for growth, and the opportunities for nurturing and developing AI talent within Kosovo. Their contribution to this topic aimed to inspire and encourage the cultivation of a thriving AI ecosystem, ensuring that the region remains competitive in the rapidly evolving field of AI.

Our dedicated team at Sogody is constantly striving to leverage the power of AI to enhance our products and services, optimize processes, and improve user experiences. We firmly believe in the transformative potential of AI and are committed to harnessing its capabilities to drive innovation and create positive change, by starting with ourselves first.

Our participation in this esteemed event was truly remarkable. Fatbardh Kadriu, one of our talented software engineers, had the honor of being one of the panelists on the second plenary of the day, discussing “Research of AI in Kosova.” Fatbardh shared valuable insights as a University of Prishtina Graduate and experiences from our work at Sogody, shedding light on the advancements and potential of AI in Kosovo.

We were particularly honored to receive recognition for our contributions during the symposium. Arbena Musa, our software engineer, and Synim Selimi were both awarded with Recognition Awards for their victories at the yearly Albanian ICT Awards competition. This acknowledgment reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI research and development in Kosovo.

Being part of the Diaspora Symposium of Computer Science was a meaningful and enriching experience for us. We extend our gratitude to the National Research School in ICT for organizing this event and providing a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

We look forward to continuing our journey in the field of AI and contributing to the growth and development of the technology landscape in Kosovo and beyond.

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