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With a vision to be 100% independent, Olavson’s founders invested all their savings in building premium kitchenware that would meet their customers’ passion for cooking. Their goal was to make cooking, and every experience with their brand, a special one. And just like cooking connects people, Olavson partnered up with Sogody, to build something that would grant them a connection with their customers and together celebrate their passion for cooking.

Akin to Olavson’s founders, we too believe in quality and "cooking tools'' that last a lifetime! Hence, our team developed a platform that enables users to purchase premium kitchenware online, by building a future-proof headless Shopify store that could better achieve the new and improved user experience by Olavson’s team.

Olavson sought to create a platform that felt personal, reliable, and heartfelt. Our team’s goal was to deliver it with impeccable care and attention to detail. For 6 months, our team worked on creating a platform that moves beyond one-size-fits-all interfaces and products — allowing users to define and design their own experiences.

Everything is possible if you're customizing

The focus of our team was to build a customized solution that would meet the needs of our client. To deliver stunning UX, very fast loading times, and content management with ease, we decided to go Headless, as the most suitable approach to creating this responsive e-commerce platform. A headless architecture essentially facilitates the use of aspect-oriented separation of concerns in the frontend structuring – so that data handling, business logic, and rendering that usually occur within the theming template (i.e., standard Shopify template), are all working in isolation and connected through APIs.

As a Registered Netlify Agency Partner, we are helping clients reimagine how they design, build, and easily scale modern websites and apps via the Netlify-pioneered Jamstack movement.

As a result, we were able to implement a considerable number of service-oriented custom solutions throughout the platform:

  • Custom upsell logic where merchants can precisely set discounts for upsells on the cart - this way when selected products are added to the cart, corresponding discounts will apply dynamically to cross-sell combinations of those variants;

  • Custom variant logic, per variant descriptions and images - when purchasing a product, we integrated four UX levels of variant pickers;

  • Custom YOTPO reviews integrated via API - reviews provided by YOTPO are fetched at build time and are shown immediately to the user through a seamless third-party integration with the YOTPO API;

  • Custom loyalty program through a Loyalty Lion <-> Shopify integration - a homogeneous integration using the Loyalty Lion SDK for managing customer loyalty and customer rewards;

  • Customized checkout UI/UX - our team created a unique UI/UX checkout process, replacing the default Shopify checkout through our javascript expertise and as a result, enabled changing the look and feel of the checkout process on the fly.

  • Multimarket internationalization - our team has built a solution to serve several markets under the same domain to ensure strong domain authority and to allow seamless switching between different markets with minimal loading time. This SEO-guided approach lets Olavson retain domain significance without risking any performance drawbacks through all of its markets such as olav.fr/, myolav.uk/, etc.

The interaction of almost all of the previously mentioned microservices is achieved using Google Cloud containers and cloud-based features. This lets us easily guarantee flawless integration and minimal delays, if any.

Foolproof tech stack

Our team put to use the most recent technologies under a strict best-practices methodology to ensure that the implementation meets all the required platform functionality. The technology stack and the resulting architecture of Olavson’s platform simplified significantly delivering this highly customized solution, which adapts seamlessly with any device and expands easily to any market.

Furthermore, due to the range of configurations that our headless content management systems provide, most of the usual day-to-day development tasks now are completely configurable by store owners and require little to no development time or effort.

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